The 18 Impressive fast, soothing benefits you might not associate with Shea butter.

The 18 Impressive fast, soothing benefits you might not associate with Shea butter.


One of the core ingredients in Harvest Moon Skin body lotion is shea butter.

Let's look at a bit of Shea butter history.

People started using shea nuts in A.D. 100. Earlier published reports documented the regular use of shea butter to about A.D. 1100. 

Shea trees only grow in a narrow belt of fertile soils in the savannahs of West Africa and East Africa. The African countries export Shea butter to make soap, moisturizers, and lotions. Processing the nuts takes a lot of work to extract the oil. 

Shea butter is a cosmetic ingredient used for centuries. It has a high concentration of vitamins and fatty acids. The butter extracted from the oil is rich in antioxidants.

The vitamins and fats act as a perfect skin conditioner. It spreads easy, soothes, and smooths. Shea butter is a tree nut product. But unlike most tree nut products, it's low in proteins. It's appropriate for almost any skin type. 

Shea butter in beauty products has moisturizing effects. It doesn't contain chemical irritants. Used daily, it won't dry out your skin or clog pores. 

The nut butter restores skin moisture to reduce your risk of dry skin. Your skin absorbs shea butter oils when you apply the lotion. It acts as a "refatting" agent. 

It also won't make your skin look or feel oily. The anti-inflammatory properties reduce irritation and eczema caused by dry weather. 

Here is a list of The 18 Impressive fast, soothing benefits you might not associate with Shea butter. 


  • It's an antioxidant

Shea butter has significant levels of vitamins A and E. 

The vitamins protect your skin cells from premature ageing. It also protects you against dull-looking skin. The butter antioxidants help fight anti-ageing. 


  • It's antibacterial.

Studies show that shea butter could have antibacterial benefits for you. Applying the lotion can decrease acne-causing bacteria on your skin. 


  • It's antifungal.

Shea tree products contain powerful ingredients to fight skin infections caused by fungi. It might not treat every kind of infection. But, it kills spores that cause ringworm and athlete's foot. 


  • Shea Butter can help prevent acne.

Shea butter is rich in different kinds of fatty acids. This unique composition helps clear your skin of excess oil. It helps your skin not to dry out. She abutter in a lotion restores the natural balance of oils in your skin to help stop acne before it starts. 


  • It can boost collagen production.

The natural ingredients fight collagen fibre destruction. Shea butter contains Triterpenes. It helps to reduce fine lines and result in youthful-looking skin. 


  • It promotes cell regeneration.

The moisturizer and antioxidants work together to generate healthy new skin cells. Your body produces new skin cells daily. You get rid of anywhere between 30,000 to 40,000 old skin cells each day. The correct moisture balance on your skin surface leads to fewer dead skin cells. 

Say hello to fresh new healthy skin cells. 


  • Shea Butter can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scarring.

Shea butter assists to stop keloid fibroblasts. Better known as scar tissue. The lotion helps halt scar tissue and encourage healthy cell growth. It will help your skin heal, minimizing the appearance of stretch marks and scarring. 

  • It reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Photoaging is wrinkles and fine lines caused by stress and ageing. The process helps reduce photoaging. Shea butter boosts collagen production, promoting new cell generation. 

Who doesn't want to look younger?


  • It offers added sun protection.

Shea butter on its own is not an effective sunscreen. But using shea butter on your skin does give you some added sun protection. You can layer it over your favourite sunscreen. Shea butter contains an estimated SPF of 3 to 4. 


  • Shea Butter can help prevent hair damage.

The fatty acids and oils could assist hair damage. Studies found that similar West African plants made hair more resistant to breakage. 


  • It helps to treat dandruff.

If you restore moisture, you help treat dandruff. Shea butter aids to rejuvenate skin and hair moisture. 


  • It soothes conditions like eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis.

Shea's anti-inflammatory properties help soothe skin and relieve itching. It is beneficial for inflammatory skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis. Shea also absorbs, which could mean quick relief for flare-ups. Shea butter is a powerful ingredient to treat eczema. 

  • It soothes sunburn and other skin burns.

Research papers suggest that shea butter oils help soothe sunburn. Shea's anti-inflammatory components help reduce redness and swelling. Its fatty acid components soothe your skin and restore skin moisture during healing. 


  • It soothes insect bites.

Shea butter soothes bee stings and insect bites. Evidence shows that shea butter can help decrease swelling from bites and stings. The lotions soothe. But, see a doctor if you're experiencing severe pain and swelling from stings or bites. 


  • It helps wound healing.

Shea butter contains healing properties crucial for treating wounds. The protective fatty acids help protect wounds from irritants during the healing process. 

  • It can help relieve arthritis pain.

Arthritis starts with underlying inflammation in the joints. Studies found that it can help reduce inflammation. Shea butter will help protect your joints from further damage. 


  • It helps soothe muscle soreness.

She abutter helps Overextended Muscles. It soothes inflammation and stiffness and assists to repair muscle tissue. Shea butter may help sore muscles in the same way it may relieve joint pain by reducing inflammation. 


  • Shea Butter can help relieve nasal congestion.

Studies show Shea butter help relieve nasal congestion. When you use nasal drops, shea butter can reduce inflammation in your nasal passages. It can also help reduce mucosal damage, leading to nasal congestion. It helps to cure allergies, sinusitis, or the common cold. 

Where do all these benefits come from?


The benefits of shea butter come from its chemical makeup. Shea butter contains: 

  • linoleic, palmitic, stearic, and oleic fatty acids. Ingredients that balance oils on your skin


  • Vitamins A, E, and F. 


  • Antioxidant vitamins promote circulation and healthy skin cell growth.


  • Triglycerides. The fatty part of the shea nut nourishes and conditions your skin.


  • Cetyl esters. The waxy amount of shea butter conditions skin and locks in moisture.

Each Shea butter products consistency varies. It also depends on the harvest area of the shea nuts. You can also buy shea butter mixed with added ingredients, such as tea tree oil or lavender oil. 

How to use shea butter

On skin

You can apply shea butter to your skin. Shea butter in any lotion is easy to spread. Rub the cream onto your skin until it's completely absorbed. It is moisturizing, and you may prefer to apply it at night before bed or on super warm or cold days. 

On hair

Apply raw shea butter to your hair. You can use shea butter as a conditioner. If your hair is straight, thin, or delicate. Use shea butter on the ends of your hair. Applying shea butter to thin hair roots could cause oily-looking hair. 


Store Shea butter below room temperature to stay solid and easy to spread. 

Possible side effects and risks

There are no documented cases of shea butter allergies. Even people with tree nut allergies can use shea butter on their skin. Products to try Shea butter contains exceptional, all-natural properties. Buying Shea butter products help support the West African communities. They produce most of the world's shea tree nut supply. 

The Bare Facts

Shea butter contains essential nutrients. It helps to enhance your natural complexion and help you glow from the inside out. The chances are that you can't go wrong applying shea butter daily.

Shea butter is a celebrated ingredient in Harvest Moon Skin body lotion. 





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