Top secret tips to get spectacular glowing skin like Natalie Portman

Top secret tips to get spectacular glowing skin like Natalie Portman

We all know that keeping hydrated and moisturised is a must. A few basics every day makes it easy. It is easier than you think to stay moisturised.

Dry skin becomes itchy, dull, and inflamed. Dry skin has detrimental consequences and dehydration causes premature ageing. We all want to avoid sagging and wrinkled skin.

Dry skin is also more exposed to free radicals and other external aggressors. Moisture is vital for protecting your natural skin barrier.

The silver lining is that it is super easy to keep your skin glowing.
Here are a few easy to do daily tips.

Top secret ways to keep your skin moisturised and hydrated:

1. Drink enough water

Drinking your daily dose of water is super important. Drinking enough water is crucial for your digestive and skin health.

Water hydrates your entire body inside and out. Gulping down a lot of water will not reverse the damage already done, but consistency is key here.

Drinking water daily improves your skin appearance and dermal layer.

2. Limit your steaming hot showers

Hot water strips your skin from its natural defence system. Heat breaks down the necessary oils and lipids your skin uses to protect itself.

Hot water evaporates faster. That is why your skin dries out after you get out of the shower. It makes the absorption time for your skin products short.

You do not need to take a cold shower, but too warm showers or baths is tough on your skin.

3. Use a gentle wash

Many beauty products contain intense stripping ingredients like alcohol. A stripping wash removes all your skin's natural oils. Go for a gentler wash that removes all the dirt but still protects your skin barrier.

4. Get enough sleep

Beauty sleep is key. Regenerative sleep contributes to improved health. Your health has a direct impact on the way your skin glows. Good health shows healthy skin texture and colour. A Lack of sleep can speed up the ageing process.

Enough sleep is essential for your health and wellness.

5. Exfoliate

Exfoliate often to prevent breakouts and to promote absorption of your products. Exfoliating is brilliant to promote healthy skin cell turnover and for unclogging pores. If you have issues with ingrown hair or flaky and itchy skin, exfoliating is a game-changer.

If you have sensitive skin or have certain skin conditions, start slow. Start with exfoliating once a week and build up to your required frequency. Not all skin types can handle exfoliation every day.

6. De-stress


Stress is one of the biggest culprits with devastating effects on your health. Our skin reflects what is going on inside. Stress can cause major inflammation in the body.

Inflammation catapults existing skin conditions.

De-stressing can be difficult in our busy and high-strung lives. You have to indulge in a little self-care. Make time for a relaxing bath with some bath salt to soothe your muscles. Be selfish when it comes to your self-care.

Play music

Take slow, deep breaths.

Do a few stretches or dance like no one is watching.

De-stressing could mean introducing small techniques that make a big difference.

7. Use High-quality hydrating products with quality ingredients

The quality of the ingredients in your products impacts the effect. High-quality ingredients get absorbed easier into your skin. Many of the off the shelf products contain filler ingredients. Filler ingredients don't always have benefits for your skin.

Read more in a previous blog:

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Many ingredients are unknown.

Inspect the ingredients in your beauty products and uncover the origin. Many products contain ingredients not suited for you. Some products have little to no natural ingredients.

8. Don’t overuse your products

Less is more.

Focus on key ingredients that will benefit your skin.

Overusing your products can do more damage than good.
Applying skin moisturising products too often will cause acne, breakouts and clogged pores. Moisturising products overuse can increase sensitivity, dry and dull skin.

Over moisturised skin stops producing its own oils over time drying out your skin. This is also called plasticization.

9. Use your products on damp skin

For improved absorption of your moisturising products, take lukewarm showers or baths. After your bath or shower, dab your skin with your towel so your skin still feels damp.

Dry your skin with care. While your skin is still damp apply your high-quality hydrating products.

10. A balanced diet

What you put in is what you get out. A mindful diet could be missing in your skin routine.

Healthy skin diet choices:

Fatty acids,


and hydrating foods.

These are all great for your complexion.

Without a proper and balanced diet, the best beauty products won't have good benefits for you.

Some products we recommend trying





Simple right? It takes a bit of planning to prepare a regular self-care routine. Your skin will reward you.

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