First, there was light, water and land – giving life to the plants and trees, who gifted life in return.

Then came the sun and moon and stars.

And once a year, in time-honoured tradition, the moon and the land marry in a beautiful union when the Harvest Moon chases after sunset, becoming a willing helper in the work of harvest time.

Made by people who expect the best for people who deserve the best.

Using some of the best nature has to offer, our essential body products are professionally formulated to deliver specific skin benefits to meet our requirements for healthy, conditioned skin.

Relative to the function of each product, the following benefits were our requirements:

- Relieve skin irritations, itchiness, redness, bring relief to eczema

- Anti-inflammatory

- Hydrate

- Moisturise

- Nourish

- Improve skin tone

- Be anti-aging

- Improve the condition of sun damaged skin

What sets us apart, is the high quantity of superior botanical oils, blended together for their unique properties to provide the necessary skin conditioning benefits to maintain healthy glowing skin.

Your body is a wonderland, so is our planet. In keeping in line with the basic requirements for natural skin products, our formulations use all naturally derived ingredients; a synthetic will only be substituted if there is no natural equivalent and it is necessary for the relevant product. We want the best for you and for our beautiful planet and ….

- Animal cruelty free

- Biodegradable

- Recyclable plastic packaging – will be including glass in the near future

- No synthetic fragrance – only using essential oils

- No petrochemicals

- Vegan

- No harmful chemicals

Harvest Moon Body Products is the fruit of our search for quality products to relieve our own skin irritations; from dry, itchy skin, sun damaged and for one of us, ageing skin. Once we had seen the improvement from the lotions we made during lockdown, we were excited to go to the next level of having products professionally formulated to meet our requirements.

We take pride in the quality of our products and trust you will enjoy them as much as we do.

With Love, Charmaine & Carla...

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