10 beauty hacks for Autumn

10 beauty hacks for Autumn

It's getting cold outside

What makes Autumn different to any other season?

The air is colder, the colours are warmer and your skin changes.

A few tips and tricks to ensure your hair and skin stay as healthy during the colder months.

Dry skin,
chapped lips
and brittle hair

But there are ways to help autumn-proof your body.

1. Use a silk pillowcase

It is a simple tip that helps to avoid hair breakage and damage during the night. A silk pillow case help soothe your hair and your skin.

2. Get your beauty sleep

Dry and tired skin?

Make sure to hydrate by applying body lotion.

Your skin absorbs body lotion fast to protect your skin from ageing and the cold weather.  With daily use, you can achieve bounce and skin vitality.

3. Apply a nourishing hair mask

Apply an overnight treatment mask 

It will prevent excessive dryness and control frizz for a smoother, silkier look and feel. Think of it as an anti-ageing mask for your hair. Choose a fragrant hair mask with uplifting scents.

4. Apply a nourishing oil to your lips

Exfoliate your lips to get rid of any dead skin, and then apply a generous coat of your favourite lip balm.

5. Put your eye cream in the fridge

Store your eye cream in the fridge overnight and apply it cool in the morning. The cooling effect works to de-puff and soothes early morning eye bags.

It also helps to prolong the life of your products.

6. Apply Harvest Moon Skin Lustre Body lotion

Do you suffer from breakouts in the colder months?

It will help to apply body lotion to your blemishes before you go to sleep. It helps to dry out oily areas in a gentle way.

7. Drink water before bed

Drinking a large glass of water before bed helps to keep your skin hydrated during the night. Dehydrated skin often leads to breakouts and dry skin.

Achieve a gorgeous glow by staying hydrated night and day.

8. Look after your hands

Cold weather brings chilly hands and excessive hand washing leads to dry hands.

The Harvest Moon Skin Lustre Body lotion can help to soothe your hand's skin.

The body lotion contains natural ingredients superpowered to hydrate and soothe your hands.


9. Boost your bath time routine

You can't beat soaking in a hot bath when it's cold outside. Colder weather is the perfect time to enhance your self-care routine.

Try the Harvest Moon Bath salts and body oil.

The products will help soften and nourish your skin.

10. Get your glow on 

Stay warm, hydrate and make time for your self-care routine this Autumn.

Harvest Moon Skin products hydrates and nourishes with blends of natural ingredients.

And to keep the music flowing here is a soothing tune for Autumn.

If you ever wondered who performed the original song.
It was Frank Loesser.

Frank Loesser - Baby It's Cold Outside


A well-known more modern well known version.

Performed by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong

Baby, It's Cold Outside (feat. Louis Armstrong)


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