Miss Universe Demi Leigh Tebow inspires Harvest Moon Skin.

Miss Universe Demi Leigh Tebow inspires Harvest Moon Skin.

Crowned Miss Universe Demi-Leigh Tebow has a crazy-busy schedule. That leaves no room for routine. 

What are the easiest ways to stay in shape and follow a simple beauty routine?

Let's look at Demi Leigh Tebow's tips about beauty, health and wellness to be the best you.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body. That means it's worth a lot of your time and investment. 

Most of us try to take care of our skin and test many different products. The perfect routine is elusive. Yet, skincare is an ever-changing process. Our skin changes with each season and age. The cosmetic industry has a complete lack of regulation. 

Many brands use ingredients that are not good for us. Eating organic food is not good if we use harmful beauty products. Your skin absorbs harmful ingredients into your bloodstream.

How to become more aware of the products you use? At Harvest Moon Skin, our mantra is scrutiny. Dissect each product and research the ingredients. What we put into our bodies is as important as what we apply to our skin. Even banned ingredients make their way into our daily skin products. It is not to scare you but rather to become aware of what ingredients are good for you.

With a bit of research, you can avoid harmful ingredients. That will benefit your health and beauty.


A look at a few of Miss Worlds Day-to-day beauty routines

  • Face wash and moisturize each morning and evening


  • Stay hydrated throughout the day.


  • Use body scrub once a week.


  • To achieve a radiant, hydrated skin glow, use products that make you feel good.


  • Research to stop supporting unethical. 


  • Try our best to support companies who do good through their businesses. 



Tips from Miss Universe to stay Active.


  • Set a goal and work towards it. 


  • Take it step by step. 


  • Make the goal reachable,


  • Once you've accomplished it, set a new challenge. 


  • Use a workout app to help you track your weekly exercise.


  • Embrace high-intensity interval training workouts. 


No access to a gym or equipment, no problem

  • Use a bodyweight routine. 


  • Push-ups don't need equipment.


  • Use your bed for triceps dips. 


  • Run up and down the stairs


  • Sprints for cardio are one of the best ways to make you toned. 

Demi-Leigh Tebow even confesses to doing squats while brushing her teeth.




Demi Leigh Tebow talks about the personal training routine.


If you find what works best for your body, stick to it. Demi Leigh enjoys bodyweight workouts and does them often. 

  • She loves her training routine and does not use much gym equipment. 


  • She uses elastic bands and her body weight.

Any workout can be fun. Try new things and find what works for you. Training is fun, and so are beauty and self-care. 

Somebody whose goal is to tone up might not look the same as a fitness plan of someone trying to gain or lose weight. 


  • She follows a low-carb and low-sugar diet. 


  • She tries not to eat processed foods. 





Eating Healthy

- Prep is everything.

Loads of veggies for a healthy body and glowing skin

 - Eat before you go out.

The day offers many temptations. And if you have a sweet tooth, that doesn't make it any easier to avoid grabbing a cupcake.

Mental wellness and Physical wellness

Both physical and mental health is important.

Doing a good workout will lift your spirit and mood. After a long day, go for a walk, run or work out. 

No matter how tired you are, exercise boosts endorphins, which help to make you happy.


Practice self-care and inner-wellness

It is easy to fall into a routine and forget to make time for yourself. Self-care means finding things that make you feel comfortable and at ease. 

Find whatever that is to you.

  • A candle-lit bath with your favourite bath salts 


  • Burning a candle while working. 


  • Drinking water out of your favourite water bottle.


  • Making time for myself to go on a walk, 


  • Read self-help books


  • Get your hair done. 


  • Spend time looking after yourself when you can.


  • Inner wellness goes hand in hand with being in touch with your feelings.


  • Take each challenge full-on.


Empowering Women

Demi Leigh Tebow launched a self-defence programme. The goal is to train women in self-defence. After her hijacking in Johannesburg, she started promoting more self-defence and awareness.

Empower yourself with self-defence and awareness.

After the ordeal in Hyde Park, a woman stopped to help her.

"I want to be that one girl for many girls worldwide." Demi Leigh Tebow


Best advice received?

"Be authentic, as that makes people relate to you and make you more approachable." Demi Leigh Tebow

Personal mantra?

It's a quote by Albert Einstein: "The one who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd. The one who walks alone is likely to find themselves in places no one has ever been before." Demi Leigh Tebow


  • See people achieve their goals.


  • Watching other women live out their dreams encourages us to work hard and meet our goals.


Power Dressing?

  • A fitted, sleek suit. 


  • An outfit with an open chest to make it stylish and sexy. 


  • Volume hair from your hairdresser


A last inspirational tip to steer us into healthy and happy autumn.

"I focused on all my strengths instead of my shortcomings." Demi Leigh Tebow

To help you practice self-care this autumn, click the link below.


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