8 Amazing Beauty And Skincare Tips From Taylor Swift in 2022

8 Amazing Beauty And Skincare Tips From Taylor Swift in 2022

The country-turned-pop superstar has a few favourites she always uses for her beauty routine. Her hair changes often but not her beauty routine. One of her daily products is body lotion.

Taylor Swift, an American singer and songwriter, shot to fame at the tender age of 23. Her gorgeous and classy looks fascinate women worldwide. 

She looks charming without putting on too much make-up and is known for her unique, natural-looking curly hair. 

Taylor Swift inspires this week's beauty tips. Read about Taylor's beauty tips.

8 Amazing Beauty And Skincare Tips From Taylor Swift in 2022



A bold lip and cat-eye. Red lipstick is a must. 

1. Keep Your Lipstick Smudge Free By Following Her Beauty Tip

She's fond of red lipstick.

She loves wearing her signature red-coloured lipstick at shows, on the beach, on the red carpet, and when hanging out with friends. She applies it unusually by putting a single layer followed by dabbing in with tissue and repeating the process. She makes sure it doesn't get smudged on her teeth. The process helps lipstick stay for long. 

2. Go For Cat Eyes For A Perfect Make-up Look

She loves to wear cat-eye make-up. She cannot do without her liquid liner. According to her, using a liquid liner is more accessible and practical. 


3. Say No to Too Many Hair Products

Taylor Swift has simple curly hair tips. She re-curls her naturally curly hair. She avoids using any hair products as she doesn't want to spoil those naturally amazing bouncy curls. You can keep experimenting with hairstyles and avoid excessive use of hair products.


In her early years, she fell asleep with her make-up. But not anymore. She developed a disciplined skin routine.
She moisturizes her face every night and applies body lotion before sleep. 

4. Use The Right Products

The beauty icon amazes everyone with her beautiful and flawlessly glowing skin. Her spotless skin is something we all dream of having. 

Another product she likes is a coconut body butter and a sun-block to protect her skin from the sun. Sun protection for your skin is a must. It will help to keep your skin hydrated and protected.

5. Stick To A Healthy Diet Plan

It is fantastic that Taylor is hugely passionate about cooking and loves to eat. She has never followed an intensive diet plan as she's a foodie and doesn't like staying away from her food. She prefers taking light foods like salads, sandwiches and yogurts or vanilla lattes. Her breakfast is heavy and delicious, including buckwheat pancakes topped with ham, parmesan and fried egg, while the other meals remain comparatively lighter.


6. Water For Fitness

Taylor Swift believes in plenty of water daily. She drinks about ten bottles per day and even more on travel trips. Drinking water keeps your body hydrated and flushes out toxins to keep you healthy. Besides boosting the immune system, drinking water enhances complexion and adds a natural skin glow.

"I am drinking a ton of water to re-hydrate completely."

7. Work It Out

Taylor Swift commits to regular exercise and workouts. No matter how busy her schedule is, she finds time for the gym to lose weight and stay healthy. Any exercise helps you sweat, which helps get rid of toxins from the body. Eat whatever you want, and don't forget to work it out.


8. Avoid Sugar Rich Food

She avoids too much coffee and sugar drinks. Instead, she drinks orange juice every morning. During weekdays, she eats healthy meals and enjoys weekend cheat days. It keeps her fit and healthy.

Although we don't live celebrity lifestyles like Taylor Swift, her beauty routines are simple. A no-fuss daily beauty routine is easy to follow. Please keep it simple and approachable.


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