Skin Care I Natural Skin Conservation

Skin Care I Natural Skin Conservation

Skin from within 

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 Healthy skin is a reflection of overall wellness, there’s no doubt that there’s a clear connection between skin and health: the better your health, the better your skin.

When trying to uncover the root of a skin imbalance, we can look at a few major players: the digestive system, the blood, the liver, emotional experiences and the season. 

For example, acne or inflammatory skin conditions usually come from a higher level of toxicity in the body. Given the skin serves as a pathway for detoxification, the cause of skin conditions like acne, eczema and rashes amongst others is thought to be due to a liver imbalance. When the liver is taxed with toxins, its functions go down and toxins in the blood and plasma go up. In reaction, the skin attempts to help our internal organs expel metabolic toxins through the skin causing acne. When you're dehydrated, the skin will be more prone to wrinkles and a grey tone because it's not receiving enough hydration at the cellular level. 

The idea is to revise problematic skin, including aging, back to the way nature intended it to be through the cellular and genomic processes. Cells are not programmed to die for about 150 years. They are programmed to stay alive if possible, given the right environment and nutrients they recognize as viable skin food. It is easy to see this phenomenon by viewing the hyperpigmented, wrinkled, and sagging face of an 85-year-old woman, including the backs of her hands, which can look like a pair of old gloves. Every one of these indignities is nothing more than defense mechanisms of the skin against solar and environmental attacks. Cuticle buildup, which results in webs of fine lines and transepidermal water loss is skin trying to armor itself against the many daily assaults, including cosmetics that are not chemically attuned to the person’s needs or skin hormonal systems. 

Essential nutrients (oils, amino acids, and other nutrients) that must come from outside sources are vital food for cells, and a whole army of powerful antioxidants to protect the entire process is a priority in a time when climate change is all too real and the ozone layer is depleting yearly, letting even more carcinogenic rays from the sun through.

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