To the Moon & Back | Harvest Moon Launches

To the Moon & Back | Harvest Moon Launches

Mom and Daughter team Charmaine & Carla talk about the journey to get Harvest Moon out there and ready for launch.

We’ve been working on Harvest Moon since 2020 and it’s quite surreal that the online shop is here. The last month has been a whirlwind to get the website live, but the idea of Harvest Moon has been around for much longer.

Harvest Moon represents a lifestyle meaning working with the planet, slowing down and taking into account the repercussions of everything. It means a time to reflect on what was, hold onto the good and improve the things that need change. 

The journey so far 

The biggest hurdles have been everything except the products. From COVID to having to learn to let the universe take it into its control, it’s been wild!

You think you know patience until it’s really tested! 

It’s in the waiting that we have had to encourage each other. When the waves of self-doubt flow over. When things go quiet and there are delays that we had no control over. To support each other when one loses face the other had to rise up, for us there was no other option.

What to expect

We want everyone to know that we’re not just another wellness brand but rather a small business that wants to make a difference to each customer. Our mission is that when people use our products they will take a moment to just simply breathe, and be kind to themselves.

We have worked with a professional formulator and lab to develop these products that we believe so deeply in. From the carefully selected ingredients in each to the beautifully designed packaging and website, everything has a purpose.

All the products have truly been created to bring pleasure when you use them knowing that they are lovingly made with specific skin benefits. Our purpose is also to bring awareness to consumers on how to take care of their skin with our products, especially now that hand sanitisers are here to stay.

Most importantly, we are a #ProudlySouthAfrican product. 

Special thanks 

To all our friends and most importantly our partners for their unwavering support as we took this leap of faith.

Eileen Botes, fabulous formulator.
Liz Steenkamp, logistics fundy.
Katinka Joubert, very talented designer.
Tracey at Minit Print, printing guru.
Keisha at K360, for her beautiful product photography.
The awesome team from Mark1 for getting the website live and making the launch day all the more exciting!

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