The Tale of Valentine's Day

The Tale of Valentine's Day

Pop a bottle pour a glass or two of bubbles. Unwrap chocolate and open your Harvest Moon Skin body lotion. Valentine's day is all about treats. Sweet treats and a self-love ritual. If you are single, treat yourself. If you have a partner, why not make it a treat on valentines day.


The history of Valentine's Day isn't glamorous. The first similar celebration of Valentine's Day was Lupercalia. Originating in the 6th century B.C. and held between 13-15 February. It was a dark and bloody history.


It started as a party where naked men pranced the streets. The men sacrificed animals and used the skins to cover themselves. They beat women walking past with new animal skin leather straps. It was a crazy celebration for men and women to meet.


A single woman of each city put their name in a big urn. The city's bachelors would draw a random name and partner with the women. Many of these matches married.


Why is it called Valentine's Day Today?

In the 3rd Century AD, Roman Emperor Claudius executed Saint Valentine. Emperor Claudius sent Valentine to prison because he married couples during forbidden ceremonies.


On 14 February, the Catholic Church announced Valentine as a Saint and listed him as a martyr. Now known as St Valentine's Day.


St Valentine's Day became a celebration of love.


Who should celebrate Valentine's Day?

St Valentine's Day is all about love, friendship, and admiration. Anyone can celebrate it. It is a day dedicated to celebrating your partner. Usually, couples romantically celebrate the day.


What is the perfect gift for Valentine's Day?

There are many options. You can shop for a partner or treat yourself. A box filled with natural ingredients body products is the perfect valentines gift. Either for yourself or a partner or anyone, you want to spoil.


Last week's blog, "Going beyond the bouquet this Valentine's Day." and, Top 10 Checklist for the perfect Valentin's Day gift.


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