The 7-star ingredients your go-to beauty products most likely don't include.

The 7-star ingredients your go-to beauty products most likely don't include.

Have you ever scrutinised the ingredients in your daily beauty products?

Most of us have no idea what the ingredients in our beauty products are. And most likely have no idea why the product consists of each ingredient. 

How do you know if your beauty products' ingredients are good or bad for you?


It is a big word. 

It is a word that became a lifestyle with a positive outcome for Carla.

Carla has fibromyalgia. She started scrutinising every food label. Many contain ingredients that are not beneficial to her body. So she decided to apply the same scrutiny to her body products.

What followed?

Amazement to see all the unpronounceable ingredients. Carla started reading and realised that the ingredients didn't make sense. She felt like an uneducated consumer of skin products. Why don't products include natural ingredients beneficial for our skin? Today scrutiny comes natural.

The next step

She started to educate herself on what is beneficial for our skin. After all, our body absorbs everything we apply to it.

The mission was born. 

Carla and her Mom started searching for natural ingredients to produce a new range. A range of body products containing botanical ingredients. A product range not tested on animals and not detrimental to the planet. 

The road to an exciting new product production began. Scrutiny kickstarted the creation of a unique natural product range. 

A product range without fillers or harmful chemicals. Today Harvest Moon Skin consists of natural botanical ingredients.

Harvest Moon Skin Product Range

Scrutinising ingredients in beauty products led to finding wholesome natural ingredients. Natural ingredients that today form part of a new range of beauty products.

We all enjoy products that make us feel invigorated, hydrated and beautiful. We love products that are friendly to our gorgeous planet. 

These principles are the idea behind Harvest Moon Skin. Harvest Moon Skin created its products with a few must-haves and ideologies in mind. 

The Harvest Moon Skin body products must-haves: 


  • natural and plant-based, 
  • hydrating, moisturising, 
  • improve skin tone and firming
  • nourishing, 
  • anti-ageing/rejuvenating, 
  • noncomedogenic, 
  • soothing for irritated/inflamed skin,
  • protect and improve the skin barrier,
  • The products do not leave an oily residue.
  • It does not contain any synthetic fragrance,
  • no petroleum-based additives,
  • no beeswax (Vegan),
  • no synthetic colourants,

Harvest Moon Skin are body products filled with earthy goodness. The development consisted of an in-depth search to include quality natural ingredients. 

With the Harvest Moon Skin ideology in mind, let's dive deeper. Let's look at the seven-star ingredients.


Here is a look at Harvest Moon Skin Star product, Lustre Yield Body Lotion


Shea Butter

Shea butter acts as a superfood for your skin. It locks in skin moisture and contains high quantities of unsaturated fats. The essential fatty acids and all the vitamins help boost your skin moisture. Shea butter also contains vitamins E, D, A, phytosterols and allantoin to nourish your skin.


Fun facts about Shea Butter: 

  • A luxurious ingredient beloved by Cleopatra, the Queen of Sheba and Nefertiti
  • Shea butter, a product made from the shea tree nuts, extracted by crushing and boiling the nuts
  • Shea butter has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Shea butter has natural UV protection properties. But, please always use sunscreen.



Cocoa Seed Butter 

Cocoa seed butter is rich in various vitamins and nutrients. These vitamins and nutrients help support your skin's natural elasticity. Anti-inflammatory properties in cocoa seed butter also help soothe dry patches on your skin. The nutrients improve your glowing skin complexion. 

Fun facts about Cocoa Seed Butter: 

  • Cocoa Seed Butter is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, trace elements, especially vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C, and E
  • Cocoa Seed Butter can help strengthen your immune system.
  • Cocoa Seed Butter may prevent stretch marks.



Jojoba Seed Oil 

The allrounder. 

This moisturising oil helps lock in the skins' moisture with a protective barrier. It contains healthy minerals, vitamins and nutrients. Applying Jojoba seed oil to your skin will help protect you against dry skin. Jojoba seed oil fights ailments like eczema, dermatitis, and mild cases of acne. The natural oil is soothing and effective.

Fun facts about Jojoba Seed Oil: 


  • Jojoba Seed Oil mimics the structure of the human skin. It consists of an oily and waxy substance called sebum. 
  • Your body produces sebum through your sebaceous glands. It acts as a protective barrier against water evaporation.
  • Jojoba Seed Oil does not leave a greasy coat on your skin. Unlike other oils, Jojoba seed oil has a dry finish.
  • Jojoba Seed Oil is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. The oil is perfect for helping prevent certain bacteria and fungi from reproducing.


Marula Oil 

Your skin quick-absorbs marula oil, embracing all the anti-inflammatory properties. Marula oil has high vitamin C and E levels with a strong concentration of antioxidants. These help fight free radicals, one of the leading causes of skin ageing. The oil also helps to soothe psoriasis or eczema flare-ups. 

Fun facts about Marula oil: 

  • Marula Oil has four times the amount of vitamin C that you find in oranges.
  • Marula Oil contains 60% more antioxidants than argan oil, coconut oil, and other oils.
  • Marula Oil contributes to fortifying the skin against pollutants and facilitates skin renewal.


Rosehip seed oil 

This oil consists of essential fatty acids and nourishing vitamins for your skin. Rosehip seed oil is excellent for cell regeneration and contains collagen. The oil has a high-intensity level of vitamin C & A. 

The beneficial anti-inflammatory properties are ideal for psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea symptoms. 

Fun facts about Rosehip seed oil: 

  • The oil gets extracted from amber berries grown in South Africa, Chile, Asia and India.
  • Due to the high volume of vitamin A, Rosehip seed oil can act as an exfoliant because it promotes cell turnover.
  • Rosehip seed oil combats sun damage and prevents photoaging.


Mongongo seed oil 

You can use Mongongo seed oil to soften and moisturise your dry skin. Mongongo oil has a unique combination of polyunsaturated fatty acids. It's high in Omega-6, iron, copper and magnesium. The oil also contains antioxidants, minerals and proteins. All these qualities make it an excellent treatment for inflammation and cell rejuvenation. 

Fun facts about Mongongo seed oil: 

  • Mongongo seed oil is also known as Manketti seed oil. 
  • San communities have consumed Mongongo seeds for more than 7000 years.
  • Each Mongongo seed contains more than 30% linoleic acid, essential for oil control. 
  • Mongongo trees grow in some of the dryest parts of the African savanna and flourish with little to no rain.


Baobab seed oil 

Let's look into the unique structure of the Baobab seed oil ingredients.

It contains nourishing properties. These properties help improve skin elasticity and soothe dry skin. The moisturising omega and vitamins A, D, E and F help treat dry, itchy skin. It fights off free radicals and rejuvenates tired skin cells. 


Fun facts about Baobab seed oil: 

  • Baobab seed oil gets extracted by a cold-pressed method. It is one of the few oils added to cosmetics in a raw state.
  • The leaves of the Baobab tree is edible. It is like spinach.
  • Baobab seed oil is the richest source of both fatty acids and minerals. Baobab seed oil is one of Africas best-kept secrets.



Harvest Moon Skin products contain phenomenal natural ingredients. These ingredients make the Harvest Moon Skin products range a powerhouse of goodness. 

To try the 7-star ingredients in the Lustre Body lotion, click the product link below.

Buy your Lustre Harvest Moon Skin Body lotion.


Lustre Yield Body Lotion












Medical Disclaimer 

The Information in this blog is for educational purposes only. It is not medical advice and not intended to replace medical advice. The Information does not replace the treatment offered by healthcare professionals. 

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